A Joyful Life is within reach and it is yours to claim.

But for some, it's like we wake up one day and find ourselves trapped in an unhealthy relationship.  Our life feels like it is slipping away and we no longer know who we are. 

If this sounds like you, you may be struggling with co-dependency, abuse ~ mental, emotional or physical,  trauma, addiction or compulsive behaviors, low self-worth, and lacking good mental health.  

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Let me remind you that you deserve to FEEL GOOD, every day.   Peace, joy, freedom, safety and wholeness can be yours.  

If you are ready to embark on this healing journey back to Self, back to Wholeness and out of the depths contact me.  

Meet Charity

Your guide on your healing path

Welcome!  I am so happy you are here.


Are you looking for deep, holistic, lasting, and transformative results in your life? Have you tried the "traditional" way of dealing with emotional pain, anxiety, loss, and life changes but aren't experiencing the results you desire?  Do you wonder if there is another way to achieve inner peace and healing but don't know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I believe that fate has brought us together!

I look forward to working beside you,



What I Specialize In


“Working with Charity has been immensely beneficial in my own healing journey. Her Womb Healing session gave me the ability to finally detach from the trauma I had been holding onto for almost seven years. I can honestly say her work did what years of counseling could not do for me in my own healing journey and I am forever grateful”. 

- Alyson ~ St. Louis

“I booked a Sound-Reiki session with Charity and it was absolutely blissful.  She beautifully and intuitively plays her crystal bowls to get you grounded and settled into the moment then follows that with Reiki Healing energy.  During my Reiki treatment, I could feel energetic blockages surface and release.  She closed the session with more intuitive sound healing and it left me feeling weightless and refreshed yet simultaneously grounded.  Charity holds a beautiful and soothing energy for her clients. An experience I recommend for all"

- Rachel ~ St. Louis

“Last year I had experienced a tremendous amount of grief. I lost both of my dogs within 6 months of each other to cancer followed by a car accident. I was having a hard time and knew I needed help letting go. I needed guidance. I had followed Charity for a while and decided to contact her. She got with me immediately and scheduled a phone appointment within a couple of days. During that call she listened, she understood and when I was ready, walked me through an exercise to help release a lot of things that I was experiencing. It was absolutely incredible and I look forward to more sessions."


- Karin ~Oceanside CA 

The Journey Towards Feeling Whole

 Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.