Meet Charity

Transformative Healing  & Spiritual Life Coach

Welcome, I am so happy you are here! 

A little more about me~ 


It has been because of my own personal struggles in life, navigating them and overcoming them that I am here today on my Soul's mission to help women on their healing journey.


Just like many of you, I too have experienced so much in this lifetime.  Changes, loss, disappointment, and broken dreams.  During my divorce in 2017,  something happened to me and I was catapulted into what I know now as a Spiritual Awakening.  This awakening has been the catalyst for my deep, profound growth and change and it is my calling to bring this same healing and awareness to those in need. 


I was raised in a "loving" family but experienced a lot of trauma growing up.  Fast forward to my adult life  I overcame a toxic marital relationship of 19 years that was steeped in narcissism, addiction, co-dependency, verbal and emotional abuse.  I have experienced the death of numerous loved ones including both my parents and my ex-husband.  In 2021,  I took a huge risk and left a promising, growing, stable career to answer the calling of my Soul and dove into the healing arts with both feet and I haven't looked back.   

              *We women can do BRAVE things!

Needless to say, all of the challenges from my past came crashing down.  I could no longer ignore them.  I was hollow on the inside, it felt like my soul was dying.  I was depressed, directionless, and had no self-worth after all the years of abuse.   I had lost myself completely in my marriage and in motherhood to my precious children.  I had become a master of hiding the truth, skilled at presenting a pretty front for all to see.   

During my journey to healing, I knew I didn't want to go the western medicine route, I had been down that road before only to find myself right back in the same spot 4 years later.  I was seeking to get to the root of my misery, not mask it.  It was during this time I tried a multitude of alternative healing modalities and discovered that the combination of all of these was creating the healing equation that I was seeking.

I was experiencing inner change,  I was healing, I was beginning to Transform!   


This unique path of coaching and holistic healing is not a quick fix, this path requires time, patience, and consistency.  But I will tell you that life on the other side of this journey is so worth it and so are YOU!


What I Specialize In